ELG Management Company & The Vine Experience Podcast are honored to bring you a virtual speaking series like no other. Social Justice Leader and Movement Strategist, Tamika D. Mallory joins hosts Dr. Angela Reddix and Susan Pilato for a groundbreaking conversation. Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion education for executives and community leaders, this event strives to enhance fundraising efforts and reach many more supporters and future advocates of a shared mission to continue this important conversation.

It’s important to note that we recorded the conversation with Tamika before the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced. While the verdict is being hailed by many as a move forward for humanity, we see it as a glimpse of hope; however, we also understand there is still work to be done. As a community, we understand the importance of diversity in creating change. We want to not only be a part of the conversation, but we want to find ways as a community to work toward change. Educating executives and community leaders is a critical component in changing the face of future boardrooms.

By supporting this event, you are helping lead a conversation on the importance of diversity. We’re so glad you are with us on this important journey.

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Admission to this event is FREE, but any donation to empower a girl through the nonprofit, Envision Lead Grow will be graciously appreciated.

Envision Lead Grow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
As such, all donations are tax-deductible.​