TEDx Announcement, Dr. Angela Reddix

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?Little girls who dream become women with vision? is a phrase that I strive to embody. An ambition of mine is to share my belief in the power of vision with the world and I’m excited to announce that I am taking an exciting step towards that goal.

This January, I have been selected to share my story worth telling titled ?The Power and Promise of Little Girls” at TEDx.

Let me share with you why this is important.

The next chapter of my life focuses on transforming communities from poverty to prosperity through entrepreneurship. I believe that I can take the knowledge and skills that I have leveraged into corporate success, as a Founder and CEO and transfer them to the next generation. I’ve decided that I will focus on a segment of the population that I identify with on a personal level, underserved little girls. I will pour my energy into changing their mindsets and equipping them with the skills to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Transforming these little girls into businesswomen will eliminate poverty, misogyny, and race-based discrimination as they build, organize, and claim the power in tomorrow’s boardrooms. In turn, they will bring their expertise and resources, as I have, back to their communities to raise the generation after them.

To accomplish my goal, I have established an organization called Envision Lead Grow (ELG). In three short years, ELG has already begun educating, training, and developing more than 600 girls and is on target for 1,000 girls by 2020. No girl who attends our camps pays a single dollar for attending our camps or participating in our curriculum.

We currently have girl bosses participating from 38 states across the United States, but they are still so many more girls that we need to train and prepare. To speed up the growth and execution of our vision, we must spread our message across every media outlet possible, including radio, television, print, and social media.

I’m prayerful that this TEDx Talk will catapult our mission into the national spotlight so that we can bring more awareness to our program. Through awareness, we hope to gain access to more mentors, corporate support, community support, and more girls applying to become Girl Bosses.

Here’s How You Can Help

Please join me in spreading the word by sharing this article on your favorite platform using the share tools below and support me by watching my TEDx Talk when it debuts this January. Views are the currency that provides opportunities to share on the biggest stages.

Share your email address in the form below, and I’ll send you a reminder when my TEDx Talk is available in January 2020. When you share your email address, I’m going to give you a gift called the “Reddix Rules”.

I wrote the Reddix Rules to share the core principles that I believe are responsible for my success. The rules apply to every entrepreneur and leader who is trying to improve.

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Additional Resources

TEDxEustis visit https://facebook.com/tedxeustis

TEDx Talks visit https://www.ted.com/watch/tedx-talks

Envision Lead Grow visit http://envisionleadgrow.org, we are always looking for mentors to work with our girls in participating cities across the U.S.


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