“The Reddix Rules, 5 Principles for Becoming a Successful Leader”

Dr. Angela D. Reddix is a successful corporate CEO and Founder, employing 100’s of employees. She has now launched her passion project, Envision Lead Grow and is becoming recognized as a social innovator for her work training girls nationwide how to become entrepreneurs. Her work is launching hundreds of profitable businesses nationwide.

She has created the “Reddix Rules of Leadership”. Five principles upon which, she has built an award-winning multi-million company in just over 10 years. The Reddix Rules are built on the same foundation that she is teaching young entrepreneurs to help them launch profitable business across the United States.

Angela now offers those principles to you, free of charge as a downloadable PDF. The Reddix Rules is a roadmap that all leaders and entrepreneurs desiring a new level of success can adapt to their vision.

Rule #1 ? Find Your Passion

Rule #2 ? Provide a Clear Vision

Rule #3 ? Inspire a Purposeful Culture

Rule #4 ? Demonstrate Accountability

Rule #5 ? Reimagine Balance

Cover for The Reddix Rules, 5 Principles for Becoming a Successful Leader

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“I appreciate her sharing her tools to help me advance in not just my career but in life overall. I wish more woman were like her in sharing their talents to help push others to greatness.”

Shanna H.

She is a true visionary with a huge heart for young women! Dr. Reddix is such a blessing to our community and beyond!

Bonita H.

“I’ve started multiple companies and I can honestly say that The Reddix Rules brought some key leadership qualities back into perspective for me. I’ll definitely leverage them to be a better business owner and leader within my organization.”

Jason S.

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