Reddix Rules Cohort 3: Helping Women Conquer the Pandemic


a Virginia business grant program

This year’s Cohort will proudly support 10 Virginia-based women-of-color business owners that are ages 40 & forward! The Reddix Rules 3rd Cohort registration dates are from April 1, 2022 and closes on April 30, 2022. The new Cohort members will be selected and announced soon.

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Summary of Reddix Rules Cohort 3

Driven with a vision and passion to teach and lead women to greatness, the third cohort of Reddix Rules is back and stronger than ever!

Reddix Rules Cohort 3, an entrepreneur grant and training program, launched in May of 2022 to empower and develop 10 women-of-color entrepreneurs. This initiative is led by Dr. Angela D. Reddix, an innovative leader, community builder, successful entrepreneur, and proven entrepreneur coach. After 15 years in business, she is mission-driven to continue to teach, lead, and develop with greater impact.

The Reddix Rules program was initially launched in the midst of COVID-19 to assist black-owned businesses that were brutally impacted by the global health crisis. According to an October 2020 article in Forbes magazine, Black women make up 42% of new women-owned businesses. We will continue creating history by increasing the number.  However, the article also shared the brutal impact of COVID-19 citing 41% of Black-owned businesses had failed, compared to 17% of white-owned businesses.  It’s time to change that narrative and keep WOC-owned businesses flourishing while developing communities. Faced with the possibilities of closing businesses, owners have had to reinvent themselves and or change their trajectory with little or no resources.

Keeping Dr. Angela’s Billionaire Movement top-of-mind, Reddix Rules will transform communities of poverty into communities of prosperity by pushing sustainable businesses to expand the workforce and create jobs. Dr. Reddix is inspired to support 1,000 women of color to become millionaires equating to a value of $1 billion in business.

Supporters of Dr. Angela’s Billionaire Movement and Reddix Rules Cohort 3 contribute to this inspirational shift by sponsoring this year’s Reddix Rules Cohort 3. Thank you to Bank of America for being our Diamond Presenting Sponsor for the 3rd Cohort!

What is the Reddix Rules Cohort 3?

The Reddix Rules Cohort 3, brought to you by The ARDX Foundation and ELG Management Group, is a grant and intensive immersive entrepreneur training program intended to assist black women business owners that are ages 40 and forward and their Virginia-based businesses were affected by COVID-19.

Successful entrepreneur and Founder of Reddix Rules, Dr. Angela D. Reddix, practices giving back to women-of-color entrepreneurs. Reddix Rules™ has evolved over the last three years from the original program called the Reddix Rules Fund™ which was established to provide financial support to women-of-color owned businesses during this time of hardship. The 2021 and 2022 Cohorts made pivotal shift that not only offers small women-owned businesses grant funds, but also provides a wealth of knowledge and power! Each participant will be guiding through an immersive entrepreneurship training, mental wellness coaching, and mentorship that will give them the foundational tools needed to effectively run and scale their business.

The three components of Reddix Rules™ consist of an entrepreneurship program, mental wellness resilience coaching, and a $25,000 financial reward following a pitch competition, aiming to help minimize the financial and personal disruptions that many are facing during the pandemic.

The participants are given insight to the coaching program that Dr. Angela D. Reddix offers as an professional Entrepreneur Coach. This vital piece of valuable accountability while tapping into a successful entrepreneurs experience allows for business continuance and is often the difference between success and failure for small business owners.

When will the application portal be open?

The Reddix RulesCohort 3 portal will accept applications from April 1, 2022 through April 30th at 11:59pm ET.

Who is eligible to apply?

Virginia-based small women-owned businesses that were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking for 10 women-of-color business owners that are ages 40 and forward. To qualify for this grant the business must be in good standing and incorporated as a legal entity, with a minimum of $50K in annual sales, and the owner must be able to share their passionate story in the form of a video. The dedication required is their ability to work full-time in their business and not have other employment.

How much funding is available?

A total of $25,000 will be awarded in the form of $500 participation entry and additional funds for the Cohort 3 pitch competition.

10 women will be selected for the 10-hour cohort and 3 women will ultimately win the Cohort 3 pitch competition that is announced at the Reddix Rules Graduation Ceremony in August 2022.

Who is Dr. Angela D. Reddix?

Dr. Angela D. Reddix is a faith-driven wife and mother of 3 that’s a high achiever in her professional career. Dr. Angela is a successful award-winning entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist, investor and community builder, USA Today & Wall Street Journal two-times best-selling author, TEDx speaker, motivational speaker, and Forbes Business Council Member.

Dr. Angela D. Reddix has many accolades and awards including: 2021 EBONY Power 100 List, 2021 Women of Color Achievement Award, Top 100 People to Meet in 2022, and Top 30 Influential Women. Dr. Angela celebrated 15 years in business in 2021 as the CEO & Founder of ARDX®, a multi-million-dollar award-winning professional services management and government contracting firm with over 100 employees that’s dedicated to improving the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. Since starting her entrepreneurial journey over 15 years ago, she has built a business and non-profit empire that has dramatically impacting multiple industries and communities.

What’s the story behind Dr. Angela D. Reddix’s entrepreneurial success?

From humble beginnings in Virginia, listening to the wisdom filled stories of her grandmother, Angela received a spark that would ignite her imagination and passion for leadership. Armed with faith, a pure-hearted vision, and instilled with confidence, Angela has actualized her dreams of success as a business leader and innovator.

Angela’s first book on leadership shares the key principles to her successes and making her passion projects a reality. She shares her insights on becoming the leader that you desire to be, shaping a corporate culture that builds success, and how she overcomes life’s obstacles. She also shares these principals in her CEO of U keynote speakings.

Not one to be limited to a singular pursuit, Dr. Angela developed a devotion to creating the next generation of girl entrepreneurs and leaders. This social change is providing the blueprint needed for girls around the country to transform themselves into business owners and CEOs through her non-profit Envision Lead Grow® (ELG).

In its first year, ELG touched the lives of over 400 girls. Since then, ELG has visited over 164 cities, trained and developed over 2,218 girl bosses across the country, and is now lead by daughter and entrepreneur, Anyssa Reddix, as the Senior Program Director.

As Dr. Angela implemented incredible change in the lives of the girls at ELG, she understood the need to serve needed to also be extended to the mamas, so she founded the grant program, Reddix Rules Fund™, and has now evolved into the entrepreneurship education program which also includes non-diluted grant funds for the 3rd Cohort of Reddix Rules™.

Today, Dr. Angela shares her knowledge and insights as the CEO & Founder of ELG Management Group, where she continues her service as an entrepreneur coach, minority keynote speaker, best-selling author, TV show host of She Got It From Her Mama™, and the Founder of the Balance Network on ROKU, a women’s health and wealth channel that’s destined to empower millions all over the world.

What is Dr. Angela D. Reddix’s Entrepreneur Coaching program?

Dr. Angela D. Reddix is a visionary innovator with passion-driven force that’s also a known successful entrepreneur and experienced business coach. She was classically trained through the GOIZUETA Emory School of Business Executive Coaching Program, and is taking on 25 women that are ready to unleash their entrepreneurial mindset through strategic development and planning. The program offers Entrepreneur Coaching and valuable resources to build a strategic plan and critical path that’s designed to turn actions into dollars. The one-on-one mentorship and coaching is unlike any other business resource and business development tool available as you leverage the experience by Dr. Angela D. Reddix. To learn more about Dr. Angela’s Entrepreneur Coaching program, click here: Click Here.

Thank you for learning more about our Reddix Rules Cohort 3!

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