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ARDX’s founder & CEO, Dr. Angela D. Reddix Highlighted For Support of Women Businesses During Pandemic

NEWS – Norfolk, VA, December 9, 2021 – As ARDX® celebrates 15 years, founder, President and CEO of ARDX®, Dr. Angela D. Reddix has been featured in Virginia Business as 100 Business People to Meet in 2022 for her support of women-owned businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

Coming off the heels of her company’s 15th, the latest announcement places Dr. Reddix in the Impact Makers category among the list of the 100 Virginia entrepreneurs and leaders.

As stated in the 100 People to Meet in 2022 publication, “Whether you’re Zooming or returning to in-person events, this third annual list of Virginians to meet in 2022 will introduce you to a variety of innovative, impactful businesspeople and trendsetters whom we think are worthy of your valuable networking time.”

In the publication, Dr. Reddix was named in the Impact Makers category for her work in supporting female small business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Virginia Business article reflects, “In 2020, Reddix launched an initiative to help 20 women-owned small businesses with $2,020 grants. A second round this year awarded $20,000 grants plus mentoring, business coaching and training.”

The feature goes on to mention other notable works that Dr. Reddix has been instrumental in and highlights her mentorship program for women and girls in South Hampton Roads aiming to transform communities of poverty into communities of  prosperity.

Commenting on the latest feature, Dr. Reddix notes boldly, “To whom much is given,  much is required.”

Dr. Reddix has long been passionate about initiatives that support women and young girls as seen in her work as the Chairman and founder for Envision Lead Grow®, a company mission-driven to offer comprehensive entrepreneurship programs that help pave the way for girls and young women to become successful leaders.

As the founder of the Reddix Rules Fund™, Dr. Reddix empowers and leads women entrepreneurs.

In 2020, the Reddix Rules Fund™ launched its first cohort as a grant intended to assist small women-owned businesses affected by COVID-19. By 2021, the second Reddix Rules™ cohort had developed to include not just funding but the knowledge entrepreneurs need to successfully achieve sustainable scalability. The Reddix Rules 2021 Cohort offers three components of Reddix Rules™: a 10-hour entrepreneurship program, 10 hours of mental wellness resilience coaching, and a $20,000 financial reward following a pitch competition aiming to help minimize the financial and personal disruptions that many are facing during the current economic climate.

The Reddix Rules™ exciting journey continues to develop as Dr. Reddix announced the concept of her Billionaire Movement this fall, and the program will officially be kicked off in January of 2022. Dr. Angela’s Billionaire Movement is determined to grow 1,000 women of color into millionaires to generate women’s wealth, create jobs, expand the workforce, stimulate the economy, and build communities.

Dr. Reddix has become a known trailblazer in business and as an innovative leader. She was named in the EBONY magazine’s EBONY Power 100 List for 2021, and she received the Women Presidents’ Organization 2021 Women of Color Achievement Award from 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC, Inc. These recognitions, along with many other notable achievements and awards, highlight the incredible work of a true impact maker.

The full Virginia Business 100 People to Meet in 2022 digital magazine can be seen online and Dr. Reddix’s featured section on Impact Makers is found here: 100 People to Meet in 2022 Impact Makers.

For more information about Dr. Angela D. Reddix and her revolutionary programs, please visit: www.angelareddix.com.

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