Request Motivational Keynote Speaker, Dr. Angela D. Reddix

Newport News, VA — Dr. Angela D. Reddix touched many hearts and minds with her motivational keynote speech to nearly 750 women employees at the ladies’ night event at Riverside Health System.

As a successful entrepreneur, community builder, business coach, and best-selling author, Dr. Angela D. Reddix provides a unique perspective to women and entrepreneurs with her infamous “Becoming the CEO of U!” address.

In Dr. Angela’s inspirational presentation, she delivers and outlines the keys to understanding how to embrace and implement your personal and professional POWER. She inspires many through focused personal development and then helps create a plan to continue guiding the attendees once they leave the event.

Just as Dr. Angela was recognized in the Innovation Leaders category of the recently released 2021 EBONY Power 100 List, she continues her outstanding leadership to girl bosses and women with her ever-growing non-profit organizations and programs, Envision Lead Grow® and Reddix Rules™.

With a great intention to have generational impact, Dr. Angela recently launched the “Dr. Angela’s Billionaire Movement” that is determined to grow 1,000 women of color into millionaires to generate women’s wealth, create jobs, expand the workforce, stimulate the economy, and build communities.

If you would like to have Dr. Angela share her impactful stories and methods of personal and professional development with your team, make sure to request in advance. Dr. Angela’s 2022 calendar is now open for booking of corporate events and podcasts, radio, and TV appearances to continue her mission of sharing this inspirational talk on “Becoming the CEO of U!”

To book Dr. Angela, visit www.angelareddix.com.

To stay up-to-date with all of Dr. Angela’s passion-driven movements and programs, like her awe-inspiring Billionaire Movement, sign up at www.angelareddix.com or follow her on Instagram: iamdrangreddix or LinkedIn: Angela-D-Reddix.

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