News – October 29, 2021

Los Angeles, CA — LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! With nearly 100 photographers capturing every moment, Dr. Angela D. Reddix glided through the press at the star-studded 2021 EBONY ceremony in Beverly Hills last week.

All eyes turned towards Dr. Angela, Entrepreneur and Innovative Leader, as she walked the red carpet in celebration of making the prestigious EBONY 2021 Power 100 List. Dr. Angela was recognized in the Innovation Leaders category which reflects her outstanding leadership efforts as a successful entrepreneur, community builder, keynote speaker, business coach, and best-selling author.

Dr. Angela is featured on the elite 2021 EBONY Power 100 List that spans 10 categories highlighting outstanding leaders, across various fields and industries from business, sports, media, activism, and music to entertainment, including Jada Pinkett Smith, MC Hammer, Tamron Hall, Amanda Gorman, and Beatrice Dixon.

“The red-carpet experience might have been one of my biggest highlights for me. Let me tell you, I leaned all the way into it! For the ceremony, well… ‘Exquisite Elegance’ is all I can say! The energy in the room was simply electric! What an incredible event that I am so honored to have attended and was excited to share about our programs, Envision Lead Grow® and Reddix Rules™, over and over again!” Dr. Angela exclaimed.


Dr. Angela D. Reddix | 2021 EBONY Ceremony

All the buzz around this distinctive 2021 EBONY Power 100 List has been filling up Dr. Angela’s calendar with interviews, events, appearances, and just recently led to the proclamation of October 18, 2021 as being named “Dr. Angela D. Reddix Day” in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. As a trailblazer, Dr. Angela has become a beacon of hope to so many nationwide that the demand continues to grow to share her story and her inspirational passion for change.

Dr. Angela D. Reddix is the Founder and CEO of ARDX®, a multi-million-dollar healthcare management and IT consulting firm in Norfolk, VA. She is the Founder and Board Chair for the ARDX® Foundation, where she established the Reddix Rules Fund™ that empowers and leads women entrepreneurs. She is also the Founder of Envision Lead Grow® where she is transforming  young girls into girl bosses. She has recently launched “Dr. Angela’s Billionaire Movement” determined to grow 1,000 women of color into millionaires to generate women’s wealth, create jobs, expand the workforce, stimulate the economy, and build communities.

Dr. Angela will be featured in several upcoming media events.

To stay up-to-date with Dr. Angela’s programs, news, events, and her awe-inspiring Billionaire Movement, sign up at or follow her on Instagram: iamdrangreddix.

Photography by Dexter C: @dexterdcoheniei
Dress by Fanny’s House Collection: @fannyshousecollection
Hair by Antekqua Jones: @antekquashair
Makeup by Camara Aunique: @camaraaunique


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