One of the most modern, American stories of our time lies at the heart of Dr. Angela D. Reddix, a self-made multimillionaire and leader. Leveraging thousands of hours and research and her personal power as an inspirational leader, entrepreneur coach, and a professor, she ignites actions into every life she touches. See below for some highlighted moments where she was featured in the Press, Media, and News.



“The Mustard Seed Place is cultivating an environment where women can thrive, and small dreams can grow big. It’s a new center aiming to meet a wide variety of needs to champion the incredible potential in every woman, and help them meet their personal and professional goals, surrounded by support.”


“Nearly 250 people poured into Olde Towne Portsmouth Wednesday morning to celebrate the grand opening of The Mustard Seed Place.

“To see it all come together today, it just felt like a love connection,” said Dr. Angela Reddix, the visionary behind The Mustard Seed Place and the founder of the multi-million-dollar healthcare management company ARDX based in Norfolk.”


“Angela Reddix is making it her business to create economic opportunities for women.

“That is my absolute heart’s desire — to make it easier for girls and women to have access to wealth, and that means understanding it. That means being able to see it. That means being able to be invited in rooms where they can learn more about it,” says Reddix, president and CEO of ARDX, a Norfolk-based health care management and IT consulting firm.”


“The former Tidewater Community College School of Arts building on High Street in Olde Towne will have a new tenant that features an array of women-owned businesses.

On Tuesday, Portsmouth City Council green lighted “The Mustard Seed Place,” a new venture from local businesswoman Dr. Angela Reddix “where small dreams grow big.””