Dr. Angela D. Reddix is an award-winning business woman who has grown her healthcare management and IT consulting firm into a multi-million-dollar operation with over 100 employees in just over 10 years.

She now shares her knowledge and insights here and in her upcoming book.

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Dr. Angela Reddix, Author, Entrepreneur, Visionary
Dr. Angela D. Reddix keynote presentation


From humble beginnings in Virginia, listening to the wisdom filled stories of her grandmother, Angela received a spark that would ignite her imagination and passion for leadership. Armed with faith, vision and instilled with confidence, Angela has actualized her dreams of success as a business leader.

Later this year, Angela will release her first book on leadership that shares the key principles to her successes and making her passion projects a reality. She will share her insights on becoming the leader that you desire to be, shaping a corporate culture that builds success, and how she overcomes life’s obstacles.  

Not one to be limited to a singular pursuit, Angela has developed a devotion to creating the next generation of girl entrepreneurs and leaders. She is leading this social change by providing the blueprint needed for girls around the country to transform themselves into business owners and CEOs through her non-profit Envision Lead Grow (ELG).

In its first year, Envision Lead Grow touched the lives of over 400 girls. In 2019, Envision Lead Grow will visit 35 cities to train and develop over 600 girl bosses across the country. For 2020, ELG’s reach will grow even larger and reach 48 cities and 1,000 girl bosses.

With her sincere desire to bring ELG’s top businesses to market, Angela is leading an investment group of women leaders to establish a $500,000 fund for the purpose of investing in the most viable businesses founded by ELG’s girl bosses. The goods and services offered by ELG’s girl boss entrepreneurs will be made available at ELGMarketplace.com, opening the summer of 2019.

Select Awards

Old Dominion University's logo, Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame

2018 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Presented by Old Dominion University’s Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

2013 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Blue-Ribbon Award Winner logo

2013 U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Blue-Ribbon Award Winner

Presented by the United States Chamber of Commerce

2018 Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities’ Humanitarian Award
2017 Women of Achievement Award (Old Dominion University’s Women’s Center)
2010 Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award
2016 Leading Ladies of Hampton Roads (CoVaBIZ)
2015 Still Hope Foundation’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
2010 Women in Business Award (Inside Business)

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5 Essential Principles for Becoming a Better Leader

Free PDF Download with Five Actionable Steps

Dr. Angela Reddix has built a multi-million dollar company and a nationally recognized entrepreneurship program for girls using five principles called the 'Reddix Rules'.

Entrepreneurship is a Test of Faith

Let me start by saying I'm often asked what does it take to be an entrepreneur and yes it's skill, yes it's will. Yes, it is capital. All the things that we talk about when we talk about entrepreneurship, but one thing that I think we often miss is it takes faith, deep, deep faith.

By |April 16th, 2019|

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